There follows a register of all letters patent issued by His Majesty.

Date Title Number
01 Pri T1 Renuntiatio Insulae RAM1729
07 Sex T1 Ducatus Paphi RAM1730
01 Pri T2 Privilegium Maius N/A
09 Pri T2 Privilegium Minus N/A
25 Qua T3 Vicecomitatus Iannapolis RAM1731
26 Qua T3 Barunculia Cuanica RAM1732
19 Qui T3 Comitatus Sybaris RAM1733
25 Qui T3 Vicecomitatus Tenicus RAM1734
26 Qui T3 Vicecomitatus Viatus RAM1735
12 Qua T4 Ducatus Paphi RAM1736

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